Misal Pav at Balgandharva Ahaar Cafeteria

As mentioned in my earlier post, फडतरे मिसळ सेंटर, कोल्हापूर – जमलं न्हाय राव!, Misal Pav is my favorite breakfast item and Balgandharva Ahaar Cafeteria is one of my preferred places to enjoy it. The Balgandharva Ahaar Cafeteria is located behind the Balgandharva Theatre and is open to all, not just the theatre audience.

Well, if you are looking for a luxurious ambience, this is certainly not the place. However, I like the place because it is so open.It’s amazing how quiet the place is even after being so close to the J.M. Road.

I place an order for a misal pav and within a few minutes, the dish is here. As soon as the waiter places the dish on the table, I ask him for extra onion & lemon, no matter how much is already on the plate :-) And yes, an extra pair of bread please.

Doesn’t it look tempting? There goes the first bite in the mouth and it gives the same pleasure every time! I enjoy the Misal Pav along with all the extras that I has asked for and follow it up with a cup of tea.

I would love to spend another hour here. However, I noticed a ‘puneri paati’ hung right in front of me asking me to leave.

The waiter brings the bill and the total cost is Rs. 43/-

Misal Pav: Rs. 30

Extra Pav: Rs. 6

Tea: Rs. 10

The Misal Pav here is a must try for all Misal and spicy food lovers. I’m sure there would be other places in Pune serving equally good or even better Misal. Let me know if you know of any. I’ll be happy to try it.


2 responses to “Misal Pav at Balgandharva Ahaar Cafeteria

  1. very thoughtful. Thanks for the tip. And good execution of visuals. Especially your thought of spending more time in the canteen and puneri pati nearby asking you to leave. What an idea sir ji! :) keep posting.

  2. Thanks Seema!

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