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Expressing Love!!!

Though Valentine’s Day is over, it is still the Valentine’s week and love is still in the air. So, I thought of writing something about it. Hope you all did express your feelings towards your loved ones; I did! Lets keep the debate – Why do we need a special day to celebrate love and express our feelings? for some other day. Today, lets talk about ‘expressing love’.

The feeling of love has remained more or less the same forever. What has changed is the way it is expressed. Take a glance at the transition of Bollywood love songs and you would know what I am talking about. And here I’m talking only about the lyrics, forget the visuals! I’m not going to cite examples of good and bad love songs (according to me). I’m going to talk about one of my favorite love song though.

The song is Door rehkar na karo baat karib aa jao from the movie Amaanat (1977). Thoughtfully written by Sahir Ludhianvi, beautifully composed by Ravi, and romantically sung by none other than my favorite singer, Mohd. Rafi.

The feelings in this song are so pure and sensuous at the same time, h0wever, miles away from being called vulgar!

Here are the lyrics in Hindi:

दूर रहकर ना करो बात करीब आ जाओ,
याद रह जाएगी य़ेह रात करीब आ जाओ।

एक मुद्दत से तमन्ना थी तुम्हे छूने की,
आज बस में नहीं जज़्बात करीब आ जाओ।

सर्द झोंको से भड़कते हैं बदन में शोले,
जान लेलेगी य़ेह बरसात करीब आ जाओ।

इस कदर हम से झिझकने की ज़रुरत क्या है?
ज़िन्दगी भर का है अब साथ करीब आ जाओ।

प्यार में नज़रें ही दिल की ज़ुबान होती हैं,
तुम समझकर मेरे जज़्बात करीब आ जाओ। 

This is a written only for the male singer. However, I couldn’t resist from writing a couple of lines for the female counterpart. The last stanza is not a part of the original song; its written by me. Sorry about that Sahir Saahab! Hope I didn’t mess it up. Which is your favorite love song?